Siste nytt

Match day programmes

Programmes, or team-sheets as they were mostly back then, were introduced in Norway around WW 1, with the Norwegian FA producing newspaper style programmes for internationals and cupfinals. At club level programmes were issued only on irregular occasions. Our own club produced a single page team sheet for their first game after the club’s formation in 1919 (picture right), but after a few more team sheets throughout the early 1920s, the programme did not return on a regular basis until 1969.

Even then, the 8-page programme (picture left) only included a line-up on the front cover and recent results on the back-page. The rest of the programme was made up entirely by small advertisements. The EIK-programme improved considerably from 1976 onwards, with the introduction of a few photos in each issue, and reached a good level by Norwegian standards in the early 80s, when crowds of around the 1000-mark were common.

Later, as crowds declined following relegation, the standard of the programme also declined, with only a single sheet being inserted into a pre printed season programme. However, the standard started to improve again around 2000, and over the next seasons we issued a programme second to none at our level, with the 48-page special souvenir programme produced for the friendly against Birmingham City (right) in July 2005 being amongst the most comprehensive Norwegian club programmes ever produced.

In 2006, our 32 page programme was voted Norway’s 3rd best clubprogramme, and after a few years with programmes of only 8-12 pages, our 20 page square format programme for the 2012-season was second to none compared to other Norwegian club programmes.
programmer 2012

However after a few seasons where the programme cost Nkr 30, we realised that not enough fans were willing to buy the programme to justify the time used to produce it, so by 2016 we are back to an 8-page programme which was handed out freely to all paying spectators.

Over the next seasons, our programmes has varied in size and content, but to commemorate our centenary in 2019, we produced a 16 page full colour programme with a lot of historical content.

The 2019-programmes can all be read here:

Bryne (serie)

Moss (serie)

Nardo (serie)

Sola (serie)

Bryne (cup)

Arendal (serie)

Hødd (serie)

Byåsen (serie)

Brattvåg (serie)

Vidar (serie)

Fredrikstad (serie)

Levanger (serie)

Kvik Halden (serie)

Stjørdals/Blink (serie)

When Covid 19 struck in 2020, we were forced into making our programme digital only. While this is not what programme collectors want, the level of readers have increased more than 400%, so it is unlikely we will return to issue printed programmes,even after the pandemic is over.

We have a dedicated programme team, eager to continue making our programme an important part of the match day experience.